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“Mike Curry is one of the few communicators that I recommend
with no reservations. He loves God, he is sensitive to the Spirit
and he ministers with anointing. Don’t miss an opportunity to
use him.”
Dave Busby, Youth Communicator 1950-1997
“God has uniquely gifted Mike Curry to shed Holy light on the
hearts of young and old across America. He is one you can
trust and one you can rely on to stand before your people, filled
with Spirit of God, with a message straight from the heart of
Phil Newberry, Pastor, Bellevue Arlington
“Mike Curry has been inspiring our church to live out the grace of God for nearly a decade. I don’t know how he does it, but every time he has spoken to our congregation, the word has been fresh and has made a deep impact. Great commission Church loves to hear Mike preach God’s Word and they show up with eager anticipation on those days. I have seen Mike both in the church and in the marketplace and he is the same guy everywhere. I wholeheartedly endorse him and look forward to the next time he ministers in our church.”
Trevor Davis, Senior Pastor, Great Commission Church
“Mike Curry…………a man with a passionate heart for God! A
man with a prophetic, Spirit-led word from God! A man with a
long obedience in the same direction!
Jerome Smith, Minister to Students, Tallowood Baptist Church
“Mike Curry is an “itinerant preacher” cut of much the same cloth as the English revivalists George Whitefield, John Wesley, and the circuit-ridin’ preachers of oru romanticized “Wild West”. ….IN a church-world like ours, it is refreshing to stumble upon a preacher not being diluted by the whines of spoiled church-shoppers, or deflated in his heart by the disinterest and, at times, out-right rejection from those convinced they have found a way to “worship both God and mammon”—in spite of what Jesus said. What a joy to find a man in whom the real Jesus is all that matters to him.”
David Walker, Pastor, Alamo City Christian Fellowship: San Antonio, TX
“Over the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of knowing Mike Curry on a personal basis. I have seen him in the church realm, the business world and on the mission field. In all aspects, he is relevant and imparts Godly wisdom that has provided leadership for our company, as well as our ministry. I seek counsel from him on a regular basis, knowing he will consult and guide me using the Word of God. Point of Impact looks to him for wisdom and he has been fundamental in developing this ministry. In fact, the idea for our orphanage came from his work in Kenya. Mike is a man I can trust to fire up and encourage any group, whether young or old, and present the gospel with clarity and passion. I can unequivocally say of him, “Follow Mike, as he follows Christ.”
David Hamilton, CEO, Impact Logistics; Founder, Point of Impact Ministries
“Mike Curry and I met in the summer of 1987. Since that time, I have come to know Mike as a faithful and passionate lover of Jesus, a caring husband, and a devoted father (and now grandfather). I’ve known him as a gifted communicator and preacher. Mike is keenly aware of the subtle yet deadly trappings of religious performance and legalism. His messages consistently (and refreshingly) declare an absolute dependence upon the grace of God. Lately, over the past few years, I’ve come to see Mike as a missionary. It’s my belief that he increasingly feels more and more at home in Eastern Africa where Light Ministries is in partnership with Global Field Evangelism. But most importantly, I have had the dear privilege of knowing Mike Curry as my friend. I hope that you’ll embrace any opportunity to meet and know him, too.”
David Guion, Founder, Reflections of Praise Ministries
“We have had the privilege of having Mike Curry come and speak to our camp, my mid-week service, and preach in our Sunday morning services. Mike is passionate about the Word of God, teaching it plainly and clearly. He obviously loves Jesus and seeks to make Him Known. Our students have a love of the Word of God and a desire to grow and God has used Mike to teach and challenge us each time he speaks to us. Mike is our students’ favorite speaker. They love him because he just brings them the scripture, unpacking it in a way that is clear to understand and that encourages application and even further study. I highly recommend Mike to speak in any situation and to any group.”
Keith Cochran, Pastor, West Jackson Street Baptist Church