February 2021 Prayer Letter

Happiness or joy? Inside…or…out? The American founding Fathers weren’t just smart, they were wise. Even at their relatively young ages (several were in their 30’s & 40’s), they knew that happiness was elusive and must be pursued. I like the word chased better. Most of us are in a chase that has lasted a lifetime and have only briefly touched the “golden ring” of happiness. The gold ring seems to have been greased with the oil of elusiveness. Just when we grasp at it, it slips...

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2020 Year End Prayer Letter

It’s not imaginary.You can taste it, touch it, smell it, feel it! It is as real as your next breath. Some people call ministries like ours “faith ministries.”The truth is, anything that is not of faith is something other than ministry. I had no way of knowing in February that I would not be returning to Kenya in 2020. I had just left pastors, evangelists, and overseers who were filled with anticipation and expectation of what God was going to do in and through them in the next months.

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December 2020 Prayer Letter

“Children’s children are the crown of old men…” —Prov. 17:6Welcome to the annual Curry brag rag edition #35! Can it really be 35 years since we started this Kingdom adventure called Light Ministries? My mind has doubts, but my body sweeps those doubts away. You, our faithful friends and partners, are the reason we have been able to have such a “long obedience in the same direction.” Thank you for your partnership and love. And, thank you for loving us, the Curry family…not,...

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July 2020 Prayer Letter

Shame on you! The language of the…liar. Weak religious people are easy prey for the accuser. If our worth is based on anything but our new birth, we spend our lives either defending our indefensible sin, or cowering in the paralyzing fear that our action (or inaction) will bring a new bombardment of accusations and shame. The religious world of “professional” Christianity is a petri dish for shame.

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April 2020 Prayer Letter

I wonder… When the quarantine is lifted and the virus has been banished…all of those things we could not do—all of the things we wanted to do sobadly… Will we do them? Do they really deserve a day of our life? Are we really willing to spend today, doing what we have always done…if, we knew tomorrow everything would change? I value your friendship and partnership.

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March 2020 Prayer Letter

As I watched the Ugandan pastors worship at the training center on Mt. Elgon, my heart smiles. Many days I had sat on the veranda of this center, gazing over the nearby mountains. Uganda was a half day’s walk over those mountains. On more than one occasion, I lifted my hands toward those mountains and prayed, send them, Lord. Send them.

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January 2020 Prayer Letter

The last few months have taken me across the U.S. preaching in many of our partnering churches. These are the churches who help carry the load of financial support and intercessory prayer for this ministry on their shoulders. The favor of God is expressed towards this ministry and me often through these partnering churches and their members.

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