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Leadership Training

Mike’s leadership training conferences/consulting utilize the proven strategies that have move our East African staff from a traditional “come and see” approach to ministry to a Biblically based discipleship model.

This conference/consulting sessions asks the hard questions needed to evaluate where you are, why you are there, where you want to be and how to get there. If making disciples that produce reproducing disciples is your goal, this might be the tool you are looking for.

The Troubled Church

If your church is in trouble…declining, divided, lethargic the only hope is for a fresh move of God’s Spirit.  That comes through God’s Word delivered with prophetic zeal.  It is surgical in nature….healing in effect. 

Pastor:  if your salary and security are your primary concern…avoid this ministry tool!

Spiritual Warfare

Is your staff’s counseling load increasingly filled with the bizarre? Do you suspect demonic activity but feel ill-equipped to diagnose – much less, deal with these issues? Mike brings practical help to get you started in dealing with the enemy’s attack on you, your staff and your church family.

This consulting service really bears fruit when used in conjunction with a church-wide spiritual warfare conference.

Parent Ministry

A fresh approach to “marrying” your parent ministry to your existing student ministry.

Simple…….no program cost to your budget, immediately expand your leadership base, increase your student ministry budget.

This may be the key to long-term fruit in your ministry.

Traditional To Contemporary

The issue of the modern church. How do you take an existing, traditional church from the “first, second and last stanza of hymn #101” to a contemporary worship flow. Can you?!!
Do you understand the dynamics of transitioning? Who are the keys to transition? Are you willing to cause a split? Would it just be easier to start a new work?
After visiting in hundreds of models and helping birth a new church himself, Mike brings what you need to the table……..insight based on experience.