The seventeenth movement (year) of the symphony of ministry in Kenya is finished. It is only fitting that this ministry masterpiece composed by Godand conducted by the Holy Spirit ends with “full orchestra up” and rich, full chords of praise ringing in my heart at fortissimo levels.

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Sunday In Kisii

To the bush. The road from Kisumu to Kisii is in perpetual construction. I have made this trip for years now. It never gets better. I am going to start shopping for clothes in Kenyan red dust colors. Might as well…that is the color you will be wearing by the time you reach Kisii. I love early mornings. The duck hunter in me never flinches at a 4:30 A.M. alarm. Watching the sunrise over the mountains as we climb from Lake Victoria to the Kisii region is the only adequate fanfare a day like...

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Sleep – Eat – Refresh

The price of admission. Often I am asked by friends and prayer partners, “what is the toughest part of your work in East Africa?” Without hesitation I always answer, “gettingthere and leaving Teresa and family behind.” There is no way to sugar coat what 30 hours of travel do to the body and mind. The excitement and anticipation of the God adventure ahead fade quickly with the check-in form first flight. The stress of delays. Watching my Delta App to see if my bags are loaded on the plane....

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4-Hole Hitters

Not everyone on your team can “hit it out of the park.” But, “power hitters” have their role in Kenya as well. Tasia Slum, Nairobi, Kenya—Saturday, February 22 Above is Pastor Harrison with 10 leaders from his 11 church plants. That’s right! I said 11!! I don’t care where you are ministering, that is way above average.

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Gathered and Scattered

The pastors gathered in Kitale…To be sent out! Kitale, Kenya—City Center Church A full house! Over three hundred pastors and leaders filled the City Center Church in Kitale for two days of intense discipleship and church planting training. From across the street, to the Northern desert region of Kenya, to Uganda they came. These leaders sat under over twelve hours of teaching in two days. I doubt seriously we could see the concentration, intensity, interest and excitement recreated in any American...

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Much Prayer – Much Power

Not a corn field anymore!Tuesday February 18—Mt. Elgon Training and Conference Center, Mt. Elgon, Kenya Two years ago I stood with a group of pastors and leaders in a corn filed and asked God to bring forth a building to house and care for the young missionary students who would attend this training center.

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Does it really make a difference?Monday February 17—Seeds High School, Kitale, Kenya Often I am asked, “Don’t you think it would be better stewardship for me just to give the money I would spend on going to Kenya for a short trip?” My answer is always a resounding….NO! We need your ambassadorship.

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We go to them. Saturday/Sunday February 15/16—Kitale, Kenya Much of our team mission work in Kenya is high in travel and intense teaching times. Yesterday, we slowed the pace to enable our U.S. team to add the most important, though often missing dimension of missions—touch.

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School’s Out

Spiritual adrenaline. Friday, February 14—CORAT conference center, Karen, Kenya The Bellevue Baptist team arrived Nairobi late last night. They finally laid their heads on their pillows about 2 A.M. At breakfast this morning their bloodshot eyes could not camoflage the excitement and anticipation in these mission team members God has loaned us for a week.

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That one is so easy…I’m going to let my driver answer it. Wednesday, February 12—Light Feeding Station, Kakamega Remember the story about the speaker on the lecture circuit who got tired of hearing his own voice? One day he was talking to his driver who promptly told him what an easy job he (the expert) had. The expert turned to his driver and said, “well, if it is that easy, I’ll let you handle this one.” Then, he sat down in the back of the auditorium and listened to his driver repeat his talk...

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