JASON CURRY – www.jasoncurry.org

Obviously, Jason is my son so I am rightfully biased…..but, God has His hand on this young man. He is a gifted communicator and one of the most creative “cutting edge” youth pastors I know of in America. Simply put, I’d have Jason speak at my event if he weren’t my son.


A wonderful ministry birthed through the vision of one of our board members. We have partnered with this ministry and plan to continue that partnership. Check this site out if you are interested in what God is doing in this part of His world.


The ministry I partnered with on my recent Indonesia trip. Some of the most genuine supporters or indigenous ministry around the world. These guys are the real deal!! Check them out.

DAVE BUSBY – www.davebusby.com

Dave was my best friend, mentor, accountability partner and fishing buddy. I don’t know that there is or has been another communicator that has walked in this level of anointing. Dave’s life-ending battle with cystic fibrosis created a living environment of such dependency on God, that the ears on his heart grew really large!

CHURCH OF THE OPEN DOOR – www.thedoor.org

Dave Johnson is the teaching pastor here. He was Busby’s pastor and that’s how I met him. Most gifted exegetical teacher I know of. This is where I go to listen.

THE VOICE OF THE MARTYR’S – www.persecution.com

This organization does the best job I know of in helping us pray for our persecuted brothers around the world. Start your day here. Your troubles will align themselves proportionately.

JOSH HILLIKER – www.joshhilliker.com

Gifted young worship leader. Use him…God is.

BRETT & EMILY MILLS – www.bartimaeus.com

Old friends, great worship team.