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Friday, February 27, 2024 — Rehema Guest House, Kitale Town, Kenya 

The African mornings are my favorite for I know as surely as the sun rises, so shall I…and He, within me.

The soft orange glow in the eastern sky is calling. It’s a new day in Africa. The songbirds are singing their familiar refrain. The aroma of breakfast cooking below our room calls me to shake off the last winks and come join God in His new day. If it is anything like yesterday, it will be a hallmark day.

The equatorial sun did its job yesterday on the muddy Mt. Elgon road that sucked our LandCrusier into the ditch. We traveled back to the training center at Mt. Elgon with ease. The team has found its African stride. The dulling fog of jet lag has been wiped away by the hand of sleep and repeated ministry days. There is an anxiousness and excitement in the team on the ride up. And, more than just a little pride. Why shouldn’t there be? The Germantown Baptist team’s pastor , Dr. Matt Brown, is delivering the commencement sermon this morning. A church should be proud of its pastor. These folks love theirs!

Teresa commented that there has never been a more perfect Kenyan morning. The storms of yesterday swept away every cloud from the intensely blue Kenyan sky. Every flowering tree seems to have been plugged into God’s power source adding a supernatural illumination to the dark volcanic stones lying in the deep red clay soil. 

As we enter the gates, we are welcomed by worship. It wafts from the open windows of the conference center. Kenyan’s love a celebration. Today will be just that. 

Dr. Brown’s sermon was a model of theological prowess blended with the love and compassion of a true pastor. I did not know Matt before this trip. But, I coil not have hand selected a better graduation speaker.road. 

When the message ended. I stood and said to the graduates, “And that is why we study to show ourselves approved of God. Capable. Able to handle the scriptures accurately and passionately. You…you graduates. You can do what you have seen and heard today. The seed of the Gospel has been watered and fertilized in this training center. Now, let it grow shoots that extend into all of East Africa and beyond.” 

The training center is the epicenter of my hearts work in Kenya. We need an army of preachers and teachers. There is a dense population just outside these doors without Christ. But sheer numbers of laborers will not be enough. These laborers must be trained and equipped. They must learn to wear the spiritual armor provided them and wield God’s weapons with skill in this great battle for the souls of men and women.

Time is the only true test. 

Time tells of calling versus infatuation. 

Time winnows the top layers of excitement and gets to the root of our heart’s motivation. 

Time tells us if we will follow Christ. Or, was it just his miracles and power that like shiny objects, called us to take a few steps down a path of adventure. 

This ministry has passed the test of time. Our attendance record is perfect. For 21 years now, with the rising of each soft, orange African sunrise, the laborers in the ministry in East African have arisen and put their hand to the ministry plow. And today, one more “crop” of disciples have been scattered into the African countryside. 

I can’t wait to see how the rain of God and the nurturing of his warmth and love grow these ministry “seedlings” into mature disciples. Who will in turn send more “seeds” to SEEDS ministry in Kenya for training, teaching, and sharpening. 

The U.S. team with me has reduced in number. 4 of their team members are on their way back to the U.S. The remaining 5 will join Teresa and me as we visit our flagship feeding station today. Light Feeding Station in Kakamega is the laboratory where God taught us to do feeding and teaching ministry in Kenya. I imagine we will learn another lesson on our visit today. 

And then, to Rondo retreat in the Kakamega Forest for lunch and a stroll in the “garden of eden.” 

One of my and Teresa’s favorite spots in Africa. I have not visited here since Teresa’s illness kept her from traveling with me. I could not go back there without her. Today, the wait is over. Tea and lunch on the grounds of one of Africa’s best kept secret gardens. Have I mentioned I love this job? 

Your prayers = our fuel. 
By, grace, your brother, Mike Curry 
Eph. 6:19-20