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Month: September 2022

Kenya Journal September 2022 Final Edition

Tuesday, September 6, 2022—Home, Hot Springs, AR.What an amazing safari of the soul these past three weeks in Kenya has been. Thank you for praying, giving, and sending. Only eternity will tell what really happened during my time in Kenya. I imagine some of God’s greatest work goes unnoticed or recognized by us mortals. We are so ruled by the senses of our flesh, we often fail to use the eyes of the Sprit or the ears of our heart. I know what I saw, felt, tasted, touched, and smelled. My senses...

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Kenya Journal September 2022 Edition 15

NO APPETITE – The reality sets in. Saturday, September 4, 2022—Crowne Plaza Hotel- Nairobi, Kenya Changing gears is one of the toughest parts of ministry in third-world environments. I’m not sure there could be a more dramatic shift than the past 12 hours. This morning, Pastor Harrison and I took breakfast in Lodwar before returning to Nairobi. We had dry toast and eggs with no yolks. We didn’t order egg whites for our health. There is not enough nutrition for the chickens in the...

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Kenya Journal September 2022 Edition 14

THE PLAN – Passing the baton. Friday, September 2, 2022—Napetet Town/Lodwar region, KenyaMy most common question in America is “what happens to the ministry in Kenya once you are gone?”If you had been with me today in Napetet (Lodwar Region) and heard Pastor Harrison preach and teach, you would answer that question with “it will flourish.” God gifted Harrison to preach. I simply filled in a few gaps at critical times in his ministry in Kenya. Harrison has maximized his potential...

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Kenya Journal September 2022 Edition 13

TURKANA – Ambushed under the tree. Thursday, September 1, 2022—Turkana Desert/Lodwar, Kenya Disclaimer: Neither the writer of this journal, nor any participants or accompanying goats or camels were injured in any way in said “ambush.” We barely got past the greetings in evangelist Florence’s village before the ambush began. When we arrive Lodwar this morning Florence handed me a written schedule for the day’s events. I was feeling so good about my discipleship skills! And then...

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