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Month: March 2024

Out of Africs.


The journey home begins tonight (African time).Wednesday, March 6, 2024  – Someplace we really can’t afford Karen, Kenya Neither of us knew how desperately we needed this trip. The ministry time together breathed new life into this ministry couple. We were beaten down and beaten up by the past several years of Teresa’s illness and her subsequent inability to join me on the ministry field. We are better together. Always have been. I pray, we always will be.  Since we arrived...

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Women meetup in Kenya for mentorship.


Sunday, March 3, 2024—Tent Church, Kitale Town, KenyaThe time Teresa spent on the injured reserved list sure didn’t show Sunday morning.As she stood in the tent church in Kitale, Kenya to give her testimony, there was not a sound to be heard except the soothing Southern drawl oozing from the pulpit. The story caught our Kenyan crowd off guard. They have never heard Teresa’s testimony. They only know her as “Momma Teresa”—the sainted woman who puts up with “pastor Mike”. As Teresa told of her...

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Teresa in Kenya


Saturday, March 2, 202 4— Rehema Guest House, Kitale Town, Kenya It is baseball season at home. That means that when I wake in the morning I reach for my phone to see how my favorite college coach and team (Chris Curry and his Little Rock Trojans) did. Yesterday at Belmont College—extra innings win with a home run by a pinch hitter off the bench. I hope you didn’t close out the journal?! I know, you checked in to see how our ministry day was and how you pray for us today. I’m getting to...

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Friday, February 27, 2024 — Rehema Guest House, Kitale Town, Kenya  The African mornings are my favorite for I know as surely as the sun rises, so shall I…and He, within me. The soft orange glow in the eastern sky is calling. It’s a new day in Africa. The songbirds are singing their familiar refrain. The aroma of breakfast cooking below our room calls me to shake off the last winks and come join God in His new day. If it is anything like yesterday, it will be a hallmark day. The equatorial...

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