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The seventeenth movement (year) of the symphony of ministry in Kenya is finished. It is only fitting that this ministry masterpiece composed by God
and conducted by the Holy Spirit ends with “full orchestra up” and rich, full chords of praise ringing in my heart at fortissimo levels.

Question: How do you invest seventeen years in a ministry in Kenya?
Answer: One safari at a time.

There have been a lot of “can you believe it has been seventeen years since we began ministry together?!” And the stories and reminiscing of all we have seen felt, tasted, touched and heard. God stories. Stories of victory….and “challenges” (Kenyans never say defeat.) Stories of new life and repentance.

Stories of chasing away the snakes so we can claim a spot in the stream for baptism. Stories of waiting for the zebras to clear the grass air strip so we
can land for our preaching assignment. Stories of pushing LandCruiser out of mudholes. Stories of our ministry teammates who have grown and matured in their faith.

And, stories of ministry teammates who fell into sin, had the cares of this world choke out their joy, a walked away from this great God adventure in East Africa. Stories of divine protection and intervention as life was threatened by bandits, thieves and witches.

Stories of healing as “Kenyan stomach” brought pain, fever and sleepless nights. Stories of malnourished children with bloated bellies showing up
at the gates of the feeding stations and children’s homes. Stories of seeing those malnourished children with round, shiny, laughing faces….running, jumping and playing in health. Stories of extra medicine “appearing” for our American medical teams as slum children were ministered to physically.

Stories of wealthy American supporters parting with their gold (literally) to fund the start up of the Miracle in Mathare (new school).

Stories of hard meetings with “Pastor Mike” as we hammered out working partnership and “sharpened” one another in order to slice through the obstacle and cut through the barriers of reaching East Africa with the Gospel.

Stories of starting with six young, untrained potential pastors in a basement conference room of a Kenyan hotel.

Stories of seeing those six untrained pastors raise up an army of new pastors/leaders to plant over 200 churches in Kenya and Tanzania.

Stories of buying a “killing field” on Mount Elgon where tribes had murdered each other for years over stolen cattle and lands.

Stories of seeing that “killing field” become the home the Mount Elgon Training and Conference Center where over 300 young pastors and leaders have been trained…with more on the way. And then there are the stories that have not been told.

Stories of lonely nights away from Teresa and family. Stories of problems and the attack of the enemy back home while I am 10,000 miles away, powerless
to do anything…but pray.

Stories of a faithful wife who stayed behind to pray, keep the ministry office operating and the funds flowing the mission field.

Stories of faithful partners and supporters who have never set foot on the red Kenyan soil that stains my shoes and clothes today. Yet, they gave so I could…go.

The stories are never ending.

They will not end with my last breath, nor my last “safari of the soul” in Kenya. God has raised up a ministry of multiplication to replace the traditional African ministry model of addition. It is a model that cannot be stopped by the death of any man or the death of any ministry. For it was not born of man, nor by earthly ministry means. It was born of God and fell from the lips of the “God-man” (Jesus). “Go…into the world…preach the Gospel….make disciples….baptize them…teach them to observe everything I have commanded you.” And….I will be with you always! To the end of the age. I have finished empty.

Time to go home, rest, refresh, restore, replenish, reload the finances, refine the sermons and teaching for the assignments ahead….and….rest.

By grace, your brother,
Mike Curry—President/Founder Light Ministries, Inc.