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Kenya Journal August 2022 Edition 9

PREACHING TO PREACHERS – Wrapping up the Kisii ministry tour.

I could preach to preachers all day long. In fact, I just did. For the second
day in a row!

Yesterday at Christiano’s church in Kenyenna, I had the joy of preaching to a group of pastors who minister mainly in the “bush.” Rural ministry is vital in Kenya. And, it is very different than ministry in the urban areas. Kisii brings special challenges with the prolific witchcraft the region is notorious for. Add
to that the fact that the Seventh Day Adventist national headquarters is her, and there is no lack of opposition to the Gospel.

The servants battle daily. I can’t imagine the fatigue level they operate under. A chance to come together for fellowship, food, and to hear a new voice preach is a welcome break indeed. Over the years I have heard the stories that are all too familiar around the world in ministry: “I came to the conference and ready to quit the ministry. But, the Word of God and the sweet fellowship of my partners in Christ have renewed me for the battle ahead. I am going home refreshed!” Mission accomplished!

The schedule has been intense, but I love the fast pace when I am here. There little idle time, snf
that is the greatest deterrent to the loneliness and homesickness that is a very real part of itinerant
ministry. You might think that after nearly 40 years that would not be an issues. I pray it is always an
issue. Dorothy was so right, there is no place like home.

But, as Teresa and I tell each other constantly—it is much too early this trip to be thinking doubt and
talking about home.

Tomorrow is a travel day. We make the drive out the beautiful tea plantations dotting the Kisii hillsides, back onto the floor the Great Rift Valley and Kisumu (Lake Victoria).

Then a short 40 minute flight back to Nairobi. Dinner tomorrow night as the Texas team departs on Saturday. We have invited Pastor Kennedy and his wife Faustine to join us. A supporter always sends me with money to take our team to one of Nairobi’s fine restaurants. Every Kenyan looks for an opportunity to get dressed up and go out on the town. They rarely get to dine like we will tomorrow night.

The Texas team will get a short game safari in at the National Park in Nairobi, while I have an early morning flight up to Kitale/Mt. Elgon to be with Pastor Richard and Hellen. I always anticipate this leg of the trip. God seems to favor the Kitale/Mt. Elgon portion of my schedule in Kenya.

The body is tired but no illness or “Kenyan stomach.” Usually, Kisii is a challenge to the digestive system!

So many have emailed or texted their encouragement. I hope you know what a difference your prayers and partnership make. We could not do this without you.

Thankful tonight for hot showers, good beds, Thermacell’s (mosquito repellant), and long talks with Teresa before falling asleep.

I really do…love…this job!