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Kenya Journal February 13 2023

We are always trying to find our way home…all of us. I spotted the young lion walking away from the fight with his elder and toward our LandCruiser. He looked tired. When I found his counterpart, I understood why. He was leaving a bloody tussle with an older lion. I watched the older lion limping, blood streaming from an open wound on his back. I thought to myself, “I know just how you feel old boy.”

Naw, I’m not limping. There are no open wounds. At least none that are visible to the naked eye. God has given great favor on this trip. My health has stayed strong. I have gotten decent sleep. Most of what I have eaten has agreed with me. I couldn’t ask for more favor than I walked in on this safari of the soul. But, I’m tired. I’m sore. I’m ready to go home. I need a break from the battle. My flight leaves Nairobi this evening at 11:30 P.M. That means a day of waiting for time to pass. I don’t like “exit days” on the mission field. I don’t mind the battle while the battle is raging, but once the dust clears there is just the long trip home ahead.

It’s Valentines Day. Teresa is spending yet another one alone. February is a regular Kenya trip time for me, so this is not nearly the first one she has been alone. She pays a price for me to be here. The price is
loneliness. She pays it willingly, but she pays it none the less. I always joke with her when the last sermon of the last scheduled day is preached. “Send the jet!” I text.

Days like today are the only ones I wish I believed the prosperity gospel. The game drive was a great diversion. A once in a lifetime experience for our team and for me. I have been on a few game drives. I have never seen more active, upclose wild game than we saw this morning. We drove within 30 yards of a fresh kill with more than a dozen lions milling around and feeding.

We saw the aftermath of the battle between two great warriors. The male lions were likely fighting over position with the pride as much as they were for the next bite of the fallen water buffalo. It’s a bit different being close enough to hear the soft thud of a lion’s footstep. Close enough to see the dust mushroom under each step. It is majestic, compelling, and sobering watching nature. I absolutely love it.
Life is cheap in the game park.

Conflict is a way of life and fighting valiantly is the only means of survival. And, it is daily. There is no break. I won’t waste time writing the obvious spiritual application of the above. It just played out before my eyes this morning and reminded me how real the struggle is… for all of us living on this fallen planet

The Good News is, it won’t always be this way. The lion will lay down with the lamb one day. The
fighting will come to an end. Death will give way to life, eternal.

And, I will not have to wait forever to go home. My plane is on the way as I type. My ticket is purchased, my seat reserved. That is great comfort when you are a long way from home.

We are all a long way from home…aren’t we?

Connections, a nap, airplane food worth eating, a book that holds my attention, a movie worth the
diversion….all simple prayers you can pray for the the next two days.

Your prayers = My fuel.
God is great!
By, grace, your brother,
Mike Curry
Eph. 6:19-20