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Praying children in Kenya.


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Kitale Town, Kenya The slow Kenyan rain provided a soothing ambient background on the metal roof at the Seeds Children’s Home. The thunderstorm in the distant took down the fragile Kitale power grid. The orphanage generator provided just enough power for a couple of dim lights in the gathering hall of the orphanage. And then, worship began to ooze from the children gathered.

No one else…. No one else… No one else…can worship God….for me. 

Our U.S. team did not know the featured soloist at tonight’s devotional time at Seeds Children’s Home was there because she was a victim of rape and incest. But, I did. 

And knowing the stories of the orphan children who worship so sweetly wrecked me tonight. 

People who have been abused have no logical reason to worship God. Not even, if they have been “rescued” and place in the loving care of angels masquerading as children’s workers. 

These kids should be bitter. Broken. Sullen. Cynical and angry. Especially at the God who “allowed” the horror to enter their lives that we heard of today. 

At every stop today in Kitale, Momma Hellen asked orphan after orphan to share there story. What followed was the most beautifully horrific moments of pure honesty I may have ever witnessed. The kids had not been coached. The testimonies were not couched in religious-ese words. There were stories of seeing a father’s head severed by a machete, rape, incest, family members murdered. 

Even though the stories were being told by children who had been cleaned, clothed, fed, cared for, and loved—-there was nothing in these stories that made me want to worship God. 

But, tonight. Tonight at the Children’s home devotional time. Tonight….I HAD to worship God. 

Only God could give an orphan a song.

Only God could call people from their lives and families to live in an orphan compound in the middle of the African bush. 

Only God could cause boys and girls who have suffered so much, to love so much. To laugh. To… just be a child again. 

I know why James said this type of ministry is some of the purest ministry there is. 

It is because there is nothing about this type of ministry (orphans) that could attract anyone who does not know God and love redemption. 


There’s my word to take to bed with me tonight. 

I didn’t see orphans tonight.

I saw the redemption of God. 

It wasn’t a rape victim who led us in worship. It was a redeemed daughter of Christ. 

My head can’t encompass the conflict we minister in. But, my heart embraces the fact that a God who loves these children. A God who loves me…deserves my worship. 

No one else. 

No one else. 

No one else…can worship God but me. 

Your prayers = our fuel. 
By, grace, your brother,  Mike Curry 
Eph. 6:19-20