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Month: August 2022

Kenya Jornal August 2022 Edition 2

FOOTPRINTS The safari of the soul continues. 9:10 A.M. (cdst), passing over the Aegean Sea, 36,000 feet above sea level, en-route to Nairobi from Paris. This is a new route to Kenya for me. In the early days I would pass through London. For the past several years my European connecting port has been Amsterdam. But, today was Paris. This new route delivered a gift to me in the form of a reminder. As I fly, I often keep the map tracker on so I can know where I am. We just passed over...

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Kenya Journal August 2022 Edition 1

THE HARDEST PART In order to go…you have to leave. It’s time. Time to go.The bags are packed and loaded in the car. Teresa and I just had our last meal together for the next 22 days. The piles on my desk have gradually found their way into their proper places. Everything is done…except…the going. The last night before a mission trip is always a strange night. I find my mind and heart flowing in and out of home and the mission field ahead. I never want to leave Teresa or home. Who would?!...

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