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Kenya Journal September 2022 Final Edition

Tuesday, September 6, 2022—Home, Hot Springs, AR.
What an amazing safari of the soul these past three weeks in Kenya has been. Thank you for praying, giving, and sending. Only eternity will tell what really happened during my time in Kenya. I imagine some of God’s greatest work goes unnoticed or recognized by us mortals. We are so ruled by the senses of our flesh, we often fail to use the eyes of the Sprit or the ears of our heart. I know what I saw, felt, tasted, touched, and smelled. My senses were filled with “God-stuff” on this trip!

The added night in Atlanta last night was good and bad.

Good, in that I was able to get some sleep, begin the resetting of my internal clock, and carry on some semi-intelligent conversation with Teresa today. Ahhhh, Teresa. There is the hero in every mission trip I take. She makes the sacrifice, not me. While I am busy preaching, teaching, and counseling, she sits alone at home praying for me and wondering where I am and if I am safe. She never complains. But, the past few days she repeated one phrase regularly…”I’m ready for you to come now.” I am always ready to come home. But, I am never ready to quit preaching and teaching. Welcome to the world of ministry.

Something always happens to me about mid-Atlantic ocean on my return. The rush of emotions, the weight of physical fatigue, and the scramble to be sure I get every thought and plan on paper that God has shown to me and impressed my mind with.

I’ll write more about that experience in the next prayer letter in October. I know for sure, we have some major work ahead of us in the Turkana desert region. I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. The task seems absolutely overwhelming. I guess that is why it is called God-sized.

Right now, I am reducing all choices to only two: chair, or bed. (Mabye a third, including some looooong,
hot showers.) Tell the I said to order from right to left.”

I said yes to every assignment the Father put on my calendar and many that only appeared on His. That is always my measure of success when it comes to ministry trips. The measurable stats tell us something, but not in comparison to the obedience factor. If He is please, I certainly am.

Thanks again. I couldn’t/wouldn’t try this without partners like you.