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Kenya Journal February 8 2023

MOUNT ELGON – Training leaders. The heartbeat of our ministry in Kenya.

The past two ministry days in the Kitale region have been a blur of activity. The team has visited the Seeds Feeding Station and Academy (Kitale), the Seeds High School, the orphanage in Kitale, and today the training center at Mount Elgon.

I believe the word I am looking for is overload.

The primary purpose of this trip for our visiting Mississippi team is to see snippets of the ministry God has entrusted us in Kenya. They want to experience what God is doing with all ve senses. I would say that if the trip ended today, the mission would be accomplished. We have wept with leaders and because of the poverty and su ering we have seen. We have wept from the joy of the Lord so vibrant and visible in our sta and volunteers in this ministry. We have laughed with our pastors. It has been “a good medicine” for the Americans and the Kenyans.

The pace of the past two days has left our energy level on empty. My son, Jason, is president of nish empty ministries. The concept is to nish each task, to nish each ministry day with no reserves. Nothing held back. I can testify that is the case with this team.

I fought the urge to jump in the shower and collapse into my bed this afternoon. There is a physical price to pay for mission work. We have all paid that price the past few days.

My motivation for writing is not for pity, but for prayers. We are entering the final stretch of this trip. Tomorrow, we make the trip back to Mount Elgon. Another day of preaching and teaching. A graduation ceremony will be the exclamation point of our visit with these new leaders. I am praying God will use us to help launch them into the Kenyan/Ugandan mission eld. It is lled with God-possibilities and Satanic traps. They will ministry in the “no-man’s-land” between the sovereign will and favor of God and the hated and attack of their adversary, the devil.

I pray we have done our job well. They are entering a spiritual battle field, not a religious playground. The spreading of the Gospel in East Africa and their very life and breath hand on the protection of God and the tools they have been equipped with the past months. These things will be on my mind as I preach to yet another graduating class tomorrow.

Soon, I will join the team and our Kenyan pastors who have traveled to Kitale to be with us these
two days. The table fellowship is life to them. I pray it will be to us as well. I will use what little gas is left in my tank for a couple of one-on-one sessions with our visiting pastors tonight. The Spirit is willing…I love these men and women and their ministries. But, the esh is oh, so weak tonight. I teach a lot about balance in ministry. It nowhere more elusive than on the mission eld. Rest hides behind every new ministry opportunity. Refreshing is robbed by every chance to pray for and counsel our leaders. This is where toughness and training kick in. On nights like tonight, if I am not absolutely conscious of my neediness and dependency on God, I will give away eshly ministry that has no eternal value. When I nish typing these words, I plan to spend the time before dinner praying that God would refresh my heart, soul, and body. He is faithful. He has done it before. I believe He will do it again.

Nights like tonight are fertile ground for your prayers. It is likely there is important ministry ahead in
the next few hours. I will need supernatural discernment, strength, and endurance to navigate the
ministry waters ahead this evening. I need your prayers. I covet them!

your prayers = our fuel.
God is great!
By, grace, your brother,
Mike Curry
Eph. 6:19-20