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Kenya Journal February 9 2023

GATHERED TO BE SCATTERED – It’s graduation day at Mount Elgon Training Center!

Elijah is the dean of the training center. He is the Nick Sabin of disciple training in Kenya. Only his eyes betrayed him today. Elijah is so unlike most Kenyans. Not loud. Not a worship dancer. He has never waved his hanky at me while I preached. But, he is not stoic or unmoved either. His eyes betrayed him today. I saw it. The glimmer of fatherly pride and gratefulness for what God has done once again. The class was presented by region today. There were 5 primary regions in Kenya represented as well as the group from Uganda. One of our faculty now is a former student from Uganda. The reports I get of multiplication there is book of Acts-like.

One group’s graduation was such a big deal, their families chartered a bus to come to the graduation ceremony. Even the local radio/newspaper sent a reporter to cover the day. The primary purpose of this trip for our visiting Mississippi team is to see snippets of the ministry God has entrusted us in Kenya. They want to experience what God is doing with all ve senses. I would say that if the trip ended today, the mission would be accomplished.

As I did an impromptu interview with the reporter, she continued to ask the “how” questions. How did you get this amazing facility built? How did you get such a well trained sta ? How did you
nd this location? How…how…how?

I told her of God’s leadership, both spiritually and geographically that brought Richard and Hellen to this property and community so many years ago. How God convinced my heart and theirs that this was the place He had chosen to train disciple-makers. I told her of the friends and partners who had stood with us nancially over the years. The stories of the monthly provision for sta salaries, food, bedding, and Bibles. I could see in her eyes that she was having trouble buying my “by faith, little by little” story. I asked if she knew Christ and her response and testimony were solid. I asked if she had ever seen Him work like this. She said no, nothing close. I told her we lived and ministered by the simple mantra above, do what you can…as she concluded her interview, I told her, God has plenty! He loves us. And, He loves to show us His favor if in return he can get the glory.

She promised she would give God the glory in her article. I believe her. She was touched by what she saw today. So was I! And I have been seeing it for years now.

The ripples of disciples are rocking the continent of Africa for Christ. We no longer speak in future tense and hopeful tones. It is happening as I write and as you read. But, we are still in the early chapters of this God-novel. I am just glad the introduction is nished!

The team has recovered and found their pace. Tomorrow is Sunday in Kenya. There is no day like it. We will spend the day preaching, praising, and praying. Just as it should be. Our ministry day will conclude with a banquet honoring the sta and workers at the Seeds Feeding Station and Academy. I have been asked to speak to them about servanthood. I feel like I’ve been asked to give Ted Williams a hitting lesson.

It’s OK. I have lived so far out of my preaching comfort zone for so many years now it seems normal. I’m glad God’s normal is not normal.

your prayers = our fuel.
God is great!
By, grace, your brother,
Mike Curry
Eph. 6:19-20