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Friday, February 22, 2024—Nairobi, Kenya Last night was tough! I had trouble going to sleep. Teresa fell asleep while I was praying. Then the mosquitos came. I can’t describe the buzz these tiny gnat-sized malaria transports make here in Kenya! And when I did fall asleep, it would be for an hour or so. I was constantly watching my phone to see how the team was progressing in their flight toward Kenya. 

But even in the interrupted naps, God was good. Several thoughts came to polish off one of the new messages I will be preaching to our pastors/leaders. I am always surprised when I wake up and find that God never went to sleep. He’s there waiting for me to recharge so He and I can reengage. I have no one like Him who puts me to bed, guards me while I sleep, and watches and waits for me to wake so we can talk. With the teams on the ground, the pace will pick up considerably tomorrow.

Can you pray with me for supernatural rest for those who just arrived from Memphis? They need sleep. Even as tired as they are, it will not come easily. There is no AC, but the night looks to be mild with some good breezes. Hopefully, they brought their mosquito dope and took their malaria meds. The beds won’t be like back home, but the compound is safe, clean, and prayed over.

Missions involves risk and reward.

You don’t get one without the other. 

And I firmly believe, you get what you pay for when it comes to short-term mission team experiences.

I do all I can to make the trip comfortable and safe. But, Kenya is not the U.S. The team members are falling asleep with more questions than answers about tomorrow and the rest of this Godadventure. Fortunately, God is neither falling asleep nor wondering… about anything

There is nothing like partnering with the One who remembers the future. So, it’s time to sleep fast and hard. And to swat fast and fatally.

Thanks for praying. There truly is no other way for all of these ministry cogs to fall into the correct slots.

Tomorrow we visit the Miracle in Mathare. I cannot wait to see the kids, the staff, and the newly finished kitchen and office complex. 

Your prayers = our fuel. 

By, grace, your brother, Mike Curry

Eph. 6:19-20