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Kenya Journal 3 February 2023

Friday, February 3, 2023—Nairobi, Kenya Airport.

Now I can really sleep! The team from Mississippi has arrived in Nairobi right on time. Honestly, my long travel experience was creating some big gaps in my faith life on us being united on schedule. But, here they are. We are all settled into our rooms at the Catholic Conference Center in Karen (Nairobi suburb). The “church of Rome” can no longer say silver and gold have I none. But, their great wealth sure makes accommodating teams in Kenya easier. They are masterful builders. We get to enjoy the peace, quiet, and security of this beautiful compound.

The team is a bit worse for the wear. One team member has some fever and suspects a sinus infection. We just prayed over him and are trusting to God to heal while he rests. Tomorrow we begin ministry in earnest. We will start in the Tasia slum church with Pastor Harrison and Pastor Kennedy. We will spend the afternoon training their leadership. These Kenyan disciples are hungry and God has brought them a
buffet of experience and wisdom in this wonderful U.S. team.

Then, it off to dinner and some sweet “table fellowship” with Harrison, Kennedy and their wives Christine and Faustine. Jesus left us a great model of discipleship around the table. I can not explain it but something “other” happens when God’s servants fellowship around the table. This is the only real way for our U.S. partners to get to know the heart of our Kenyan staff. There are great stories to be told at the table tomorrow night. I can’t wait!

Sunday will be jam-packed with preaching and teaching at multiple churches around Nairobi. On Monday, we will visit the school/feeding station in Mathare. The workers are beginning to pour the foundation for the new dining hall/kitchen today! Then, we will visit Christine’s wonderful school in Tasia. My vocabulary and camera lens cannot capture what the team will experience this weekend. It will be sensory overload on steroids.

As I rested this afternoon and prayed for the team, I tried to remember my first visit to Kenya. I did
remember. It was as vivid as the night it happened over 18 years ago now. I didn’t sleep much that
night. But, I did rest in the assurance that I as where I was supposed to be, doing what I was supposed to be doing. I pray the team has a sense of that tonight as the much needed sleep overtakes their fatigued bodies.

When you go to bed tonight, we will be getting up for our first full ministry day.

Remember…your prayers = our fuel.
God is great!
See what He has done in bringing us together through the storm and across 10,000 miles.
Good night from Kenya.
By, grace, your brother,
Mike Curry
Eph. 6:19-20