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Kenya Journal 5

Kenya Journal 5 Februray 2023

Church planting in the Kenyan slums is lonely.

I used to naively think that it was the new Biblical insights or the “fire” from my sermons that the young church planters in Kenya wanted from me. Or perhaps, just the recognition of grabbing a Sunday for the great white-haired missionary from the U.S. to come preach in their Kenyan church. Those thoughts were from the days when I had a higher opinion of Mike Curry than was ever merited. Now I know, what these young pastors and church planters need, what they hunger for, is a friendly face, a warm embrace, a pat on the back, someone to believe in them and with them…just someone to care enough to show up at their “ministry outpost” in the flesh. They need the fuel we all run on, encouragement. They need to know I am not alone…I am not crazy. There are others like me doing what I do. And those others love me
and care.

There is a reason the Great Commission begins with the word…GO! Mission work requires action,
not talk or philosophy. Mission work presence, not just prayers from a distance. Mission work
requires touch more than talent. It’s why the Apostle Paul racked so many frequent traveler miles
and had platinum status at so many hotel chains.

Paul knew what every missionary after him must learn, if you want to be part of what God is doing, you have to go with God. And, you cannot stay where you are go with God!

God used our preaching and teaching today. He is committed to His word. He always honors Himself through His word. It never returns void.

But today I was reminded that these frontline church planters, in these lonely, dangerous places feel that they are on a island. All alone. It is a classic ploy of the enemy. He whispers, no one knows you are here.
No one cares you are here. No one is coming to help. And then a shiny Landcrusier appears in the slum road in front of your storefront church building. And out strides an unfamiliar, strange colored face. Backpack slung across one shoulder, Bible in the other hand. A preacher from the U.S. From 10,000
miles away walks into your slum to preach. To encourage the Church in Africa. To say to a pastor and his wife and kids…you’re not crazy. You’re not alone. What you are doing matter. It matters to me and the church in America. And, it matters to God.

I left the Mississippi team in Tasia early this morning. They taught and preached themselves dry. They marveled in the wonder that is African worship. Something so “other” than what we experience I our home churches and culture. The preaching and teaching were valuable and God used it greatly. The encouragement of their presence was priceless.

As I rejoined the team in Tasia for lunch in the pastor’s office, laughter and loud voices led me up the stairwell. Before I got the report of the day, the laughter told me all I need and wanted to hear. It worked…AGAIN! The Word worked. The Spirit worked. The team worked…just as God designed.

We wrapped up a God-filled day with a final leadership training conference in the afternoon. The conversation at dinner with the Mississippi was manna for my soul. You see….I need to folks to
go with me, to tell me…you’re not crazy. You’re not…alone.

Monday morning we visit the Miracle in Mathare (slum school/feeding station with Pastor Kennedy
& Faustine). Then back to Tasia slum to see the school and feeding station there. More “two-way”
encouragement to and from the team. I believe we will get to pray over the newly poured slab that
will support the new kitchen/dining hall in Mathare. Another day, another celebration of God’s favor
toward this ministry and His people.

Remember…your prayers = our fuel.
God is great!
By, grace, your brother,
Mike Curry
Eph. 6:19-20